1. Weddings

Consultation is where the magic begins. We ask you to bring everything and yes that includes yourself and your personality. We would like to get to know who you truly are. We also ask that you bring colour swatches, inspired photographs, dress images, and venue choices. We need your direction to create exactly what you want. From a styling point of view, we can help facilitate your decor choices, flowers, lighting, table cloths, chair choices, and propping. Call to see if your date is available and book a consultation with Michael to custom build your special day.

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2. Floral Demo’s/Wine Tasting

Does your group of friends or professionals need an “experience night”? Why not consider having Michael teach and demo simple floral techniques for you to create your own arrangement and learn and taste from Luxury brands of Champagne and cognac. Call us to find out more details. Experiences start at $159 per person.

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3. Corporate Event Architects

A great corporate event deserves exceptional decor. From themed events to high-end soirees, Teatro Verde can direct, design, and provide the perfect decor and rentals to complete your corporate event.

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4. Floral Services 

Whether it is a larger than life floral arrangement or a simple tabletop arrangement; quality fresh flowers are a striking statement in any space for any occasion. Fresh arrangements are delivered daily to ensure the best look, always. Our team can custom create the best visual experience for your home, office, retail location, restaurant, or hotel. We also provide flowers for all occasions.

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